Tech industries to Invest in 2019 and beyond

techTraditionally, when we want to start a business, we think about common setups such as a towing service business, hotel business, wellness business etc. However, in this modern age, things are picking up fast and businesses changing. Now it easier than ever to commit to invest in a modern business such as ecommerce than going traditional. Internet has totally revolutionized the way we do business. There are hundreds of tech startups every day, leading being the disruptions happening in Silicon Valley.

The technology industry is by far the fastest growing sector and investors are rushing to capitalize on returns. Research, amazing developments and innovations are taking place every day and driving towards achieving an evenly matched digital world. There are constant breakthroughs in the field of big data, artificial intelligence, virtual reality, internet of things among others. The tech industry is so diverse and choosing on what to invest can be quite challenging.

The software of the future

Cloud computing has become the latest buzzword addition in the field of tech. It has come with other jargons such as software as a service, infrastructure as a service and Internet of Things. The simplest way that non techies can understand cloud is that it’s a system that allows data and programs to be stored on the internet rather than storing them on a personal computer. This is a field with a lot of potential as far as tech is concerned, and presents an awesome opportunity for investors.


There is a long term growth and potential that ecommerce presents to investors. Ecommerce has rapidly been on the rise ever since the advent of the internet. It continues to grow as it takes over traditional methods of retail. Ecommerce has shown a lot of strength that is characterized by internet penetrations to areas not initially covered, improved infrastructure, and advances in technology as well as delivery services.

Big Data

Big data is a term that is used to describe to large volumes of data, be it structured or not structured that are generated by a business in its day to day activities. The amount of data that a company produces is enormous. The most important thing is not the volume of data that a company produces on a daily basis, but rather what it does with the data generated. It is very important for organizations to collect data and use that data in real time to enhance customer purchasing as well as decision making.




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